Well, quite simply, it’s one where the choices one makes reflect the innermost desires and goals of who one really is.  Of course, we live around others who have completely separate ideas of how they want to “style their life”, be it consciously or in response to those around them…so can therefore play out in concert with or in dissonance to life going on around us.

And, there is a bit more to it than this.  Yet, we can begin by observing — being the “witness” to — our own motivations, interests, feelings, decisions, as we express and they play out.  Feeling joy?  Share it!  Feeling irritation?  Notice it.

So, why is it a helpful practice?  To live each breath with conscious awareness of our behaviors?  Is it not overly selfish to be so self-focused?  It can sensibly be a true gift to oneself, in the most kind, loving, deepest sense.  And it can prevent unnecessary conflict, confusion, and pain in relationships when we realize (“real-eyes”) that it is just an energy that is passing through us.  And energy of emotion.  Energy-in-motion.

Being a witness to our emotions as they ebb and flow, brings awareness to what Eckhart Tolle refers to as the “pain body” that rears and overwhelms our innate calmness.  We can become conscious that we are not the emotion.  Again, it’s just an energy.  Watch it.  Breathe.  Allow it to have its moment of surfacing.  Breathe again.  And gently release it before it becomes a lingering part of us.

As we play, as we walk through our days expressing ourselves from the core of our inspirations, we find communion with others who share these ways of being.  And it is in these communions that we experience a satisfaction, a connection, a reflection of joy and revelry in Life.  Style it how you will.  And may you bring a consciousness that ignites the love of true-est You to this world.  We thank you!