Deep Sleep Method

The “Deep Satisfying Sleep” custom program is for busy professionals who suffer from insomnia and associated anxiety.  They learn how to create internal and external sacred sanctuaries promoting deep, satisfying sleep every night. This allows them to bring their best game to work and experience greater fulfillment in their lives.

As a Deep Sleep Client, You Will:

  • Experience freedom from nightly insomnia and anxiety
  • Activate states of calm and joy
  • Enjoy daily clarity of vision and focus
  • Feel confidence at unprecedented levels
  • Accomplish important career and life goals
  • Enjoy greater well-being and peace of mind
  • Live a more authentic, loving and fulfilling life

Work with Laura to:

  1. Clarify a New Vision: Identify what you want and specifically what is preventing you from having it.
  2. Release Old Choices:  Un-wire unconscious behaviors that keep you stuck in anxiety, insomnia, avoidance and unhealthy choices.
  3. Embrace a New Path:  Re-wire innate pathways for relaxation, untapped confidence, and greater well-being.
  4. Create a New Normal:  Establish new routines that support long term integration of Energy in Essence techniques & practices.
  5. Break through to Satisfying Nightly Sleep:  Experience your positive sleep vision where you are not only sleeping better at night, you actually enjoy your best days at work and a more extraordinary life.

Programs and sessions are one-on-one, custom, personalized experiences with Laura McKenna, C.M.T., R.A.L.C, M.S.L.. They are delivered virtually to wherever you are, or at this location:

220 Country Club Center, Suite 22
Pacific Grove, CA  93950

Los Gatos / Saratoga, CA area – soon!

Happy Clients Enjoying Extraordinary Lives

"Laura is a brilliant, sensitive coach who guides one through the Perfect Health principles so clearly and has a warm, understanding heart and approach."

Laura’s Perfect Vibrant Health program can be done in your own home online and then taken into your environment where you can practice the skills. It’s a practical and life enhancing program that works beautifully with yoga and meditation for anyone trying to find a holistic way of living. I looked forward to my course lessons…and with Laura where there’s lots of discussion, exercises and laughter!  Thank you so much for bringing beautiful learning and rejuvenation across the airwaves!

Beth Murray
Artist, Educator, Creative Advisor

"...I highly recommend sharing space with Laura."

In addition to the stage that is set so delicately, welcoming and peacefully…the messages delivered through humor, through empathy, through storytelling, brought to light new and reinforced current healing modalities for the mind, body and spirit through an integrated holistic approach.  It was delightful…and I highly recommend sharing space with Laura.

Anne-Marie Cooper
Account Executive

"Laura is an amazing light in our lives."

So appreciate again Laura allowing me into that sacred space.  Being there to witness transformation was a blessing and a gift.   I am eternally grateful.   She is an amazing light in our lives.

Misty Stam
Energy Medicine Practitioner and Intuitive Medium

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