Spending time outdoors reminds us of what is greater in our lives.  And yet how connected we essentially are to it.  Our breath in the breeze, possible  in the vast sky, challenges with slippery wet roads…and the like.  Yet, as we choose to experience the elements with openness and confidence — realizing that we are THAT which is all around us — we can pull from this inheritence to create connectedness, balance and resonance with all that is.

After I’ve invested hours of any day in the cubbiness of desk work, I have a little nature being named Nika who hops up onto my knee with a look that says, “Play with me — now!  Or let’s get out for that balancing walk, mama.”  Living on the Pacific Coast lets me feel the freshness of the ocean’s vibrancy and releases the “crunchies” from sitting mostly still, except the fingers and mind.  Blow out any stress on your next breath… Let out your individual voice with it, if you care to!  An “ahhhhhhhh…..” or “hhhhmmmmmm….” makes it more real, doesn’t it?

Ultimately, this all reminds me that I must remember my resonance with nature, and honor it for the vibrant health and stress reducer it offers each moment. The frequency of the light streaming from the cosmos matches that which is striving to express within.  Can you sense it?  Feel it?  Stretch the arms and feel the warm vibrancy…..mmmmm…. That’s it.

How can you get yourself outside within the next hour for a nature-al fix?  Will you move that beautiful body you’ve been blessed with to experience expansion outside your door?

Find a tree and smile at it.  Hear a bird and take in the sound. Face freely the benevolent sun with eyes closed, feel its warmth flowing over your skin.  Will these be a blessing you count at the end of this day?  It will be for me.