Frequently Asked Questions

How is my Lifestyle potentially causing my Sleep issues?

As humans, we need to restore and refresh ourselves daily.  Our internal systems require this for a long, productive, healthful life. If we allow stress to accumulate, it can create ongoing barriers to “turning off” into stillness, and initiating a calm within the body, the mind, and the spirit.  This calm is what allows an innate circadian sleep cycle we must experience nightly to bring naturally vibrant energy to our days.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a 5000 yr old science which, in Sanskrit, means “wisdom of life” or the science of longevity.  The ancient sages of Ayurveda boldly and wisely ask the ultimate question: “Must we become sick and grow old?”  Their response was “No.”  We can become immune to disorders and decline — or even reversed — as long as balance and homeostasis is maintained. 

We are all governed at the deepest level by an impulse to grow and experience the greatest fulfillment, beyond perceived limits.  This impulse automatically guides our overall balance, with every organ and cell in our bodies sensing this impulse. 

Aligning with balance in all aspects of life is the most positive message we can send our bodies daily to invite greater rest and rejuvenation.  Investing time in being still every day and getting sufficient rest help maintain the balance our bodies require.  And, we also need to move — mentally and physically.  Exercise is one way to reduce physical inertia.  Being passionately interested in life keeps mental inertia at bay. 

When we come from a self aware state, our entire mind body system is dynamic.  This allows for spontaneity and wonderful unexpected blessings, which contribute to deep forms of healing and restoration. 

In the Deep Sleep program, we balance the mind, body, and spirit systems through lifestyle practices, inquiries, greater awareness, and embracing of the power we hold within for rest, rejuvenation and longevity.

How can Therapeutic Massage help me sleep better?

If you are a very busy person who is not inclined to slow down to a stop for a few minutes each day, this could be an hour of bliss that helps your entire nervous system — and the rest of your body systems — get the rejuvenation they require.  And help you prepare to drop easier into a deeper night’s sleep. 

Therapeutic Massage brings a connection via safe, loving touch to your physiology; all species require it for well being and longevity. Any kind of positive physical contact has a pleasing effect on us. There have been scientific tests where animals are given options of choosing food…or a cuddly object.  They most often choose a cuddle.  It is the same for humans.

So, if your life is short on hugs or you are without a cuddly pet, a soothing massage can bring you to a calm parasympathetic state, resetting your nervous system…to allow for a restorative night.

When your body ~ the fascia, your nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems ~ is calmed by therapeutic bodywork, it promotes a calm that allows it to drop anxiety, thoughts and tension.  Thus, you can more easily feel drawn to the bedchamber for restorative rest.  Having a treatment that suits your body and mind type increases the likelihood that you get what YOU need in a massage session to bring focused relaxation and healing. 

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What is an Abhyanga?

It is a form of self-massage that uses oils and warming techniques to prepare you for the day or wind you down in the evening.