What comes to mind when you consider this concept of bathing in your own being-ness?  When was the last time you sat perfectly still, in water, on a hill, in a chair, on the edge of a lake or pond?  Without a book or electronic device…just sitting your beautiful body in that space, in that moment, taking in whatever is naturally occurring around you?

And last time you lay calmly in a soothing bath? 

Bathing in the raptured stillness of water, that enveloping sac of womb-like warmth, what does this evoke within your physiology? 

Do thoughts bubble up from the depths?  Or does the mind blur into numbing blankness?  

Giving ourselves a taste of stillness, submerged in a warm watery cocoon, can create an amazing gentle repose that gently, exquisitely and almost spiritually lulls us into the body’s parasympathetic response.  And our minds into a primordial experience of awareness and quiet. 

It naturally promotes a softening and inviting slumber state.  Crawling into bed following a sweet bath can offer a deeper and more continuous sleep-filled night that restores and revitalizes.  

So, try pouring 1/2 cup epsom salts (magnesium to ease any current or expected soreness), a couple tablespoons of baking soda (for cleansing toxins from the skin and softening it), and a handful of Himalayan salt crystals (to ground you after an electric day) into a warm tub tonight. 

Then, treat yourself to an uninterrupted half hour of peaceful saturation into your being-ness…  Being at one with the flow of water around your limbs and torso.  Allow your whole Self to release the day and welcome the eventual immersion into a deeper sleep cycle. 

You are so deserving of this “anytime” gift to yourself…regardless of the day you’ve just lived.